IL-6 Trans-Signaling in Formation and Progression of Malignant Ascites in Ovarian Cancer

Chi-Wen Lo, Min-Wei Chen, Michael Hsiao, Shiuan Wang, Chi-An Chen, Sheng-Mou Hsiao, Jeng-Shou Chang, Tsung-Ching Lai, Stefan Rose-John, Min-Liang Kuo, Lin-Hung Wei
Cancer Res. Jan 1, 2011
… …Tyr 685; ECM Biosciences). Cytoplasmic VE-cadherin protein was prepared by the CNMCS compartmental protein extraction kit (BioChain). Cytotoxicity assay Cell survival was determined using the MTT assay (Sigma). Assay of chemotactic endothelial cell… …

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