Identification of DLC‑1 expression and methylation status in patients with non‑small‑cell lung cancer

Hongxiang Feng, Zhenrong Zhang, Xiaowei Wang, Deruo Liu
Molecular and Clinical Oncology Nov 20, 2015
Briefly, total RNA was extracted using the Dr. P kit (BioChain, Newark, CA, USA) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. “DLC-1 was amplified on the same plate under the control of GAPDH, using the Eva QPCR SuperMix kit (BioChain).” “The membranes were blocked using the Attoglow Western Blot Analysis kit, followed by anti-goat secondary antibody (dilution 1:8,000; cat. no. K3171120; BioChain).” “Genomic DNA (500 ng) extracted from tissue samples was modified by sodium bisulfite with the DNA Methylation Detection kit (BioChain) according to the manufacturer’s instructions.”

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