High-resolution genomic profiling of chromosomal aberrations using Infinium whole-genome genotyping

Daniel A. Peiffer, Jennie M. Le, Frank J. Steemers, Weihua Chang, Tony Jenniges, Francisco Garcia, Kirt Haden, Jiangzhen Li, Chad A. Shaw, John Belmont, Sau Wai Cheung, Richard M. Shen, David L. Barker, Kevin L. Gunderson
Genome Res. Sep 1, 2006
… …leukemia cell line (HL-60) was also obtained from ATCC (ATCC No. HL60). The paired colon tumor genomic DNA was obtained from BioChain (A704198). For the DNA fragmentation experiments, cell line NA60136 was obtained from Coriell as was the cell line exhibiting… …

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