High-density Hapten Labeling and HRP Conjugation of Oligonucleotides for Use as In Situ Hybridization Probes to Detect mRNA Targets in Cells and Tissues

Kenneth R. Luehrsen, Scott Davidson, Yun Ji Lee, Riaz Rouhani, Ali Soleimani, Teresa Raich, Carol A. Cain, Ellen J. Collarini, Douglas T. Yamanishi, Jennifer Pearson, Kerry Magee, Mary Rose Madlansacay, Veeraiah Bodepudi, David Davoudzadeh, Paula A. Schueler, Walt Mahoney
J. Histochem. Cytochem. Jan 1, 2000
… Total RNA from human adult peripheral blood was purchased from Biochain Institute (San Leandro, CA). …

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