FXYD1 is an MeCP2 target gene overexpressed in the brains of Rett syndrome patients and Mecp2-null mice

Vivianne Deng, Valerie Matagne, Fatima Banine, Matthew Frerking, Patricia Ohliger, Sarojini Budden, Jonathan Pevsner, Gregory A. Dissen, Larry S. Sherman, Sergio R. Ojeda
Hum. Mol. Genet. Mar 1, 2007
… …Bisulfite PCR sequencing of human and mouse genomic DNA Genomic DNA from adult human brain and heart were purchased from BioChain, Inc. (Hayward, CA, USA). Genomic DNA from the mouse FC and CB was extracted as described (53). The presence of 5′-methylcytosines… …

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