From The Cover: Human C4b-binding protein selectively interacts with Neisseria gonorrhoeae and results in species-specific infection

Jutamas Ngampasutadol, Sanjay Ram, Anna M. Blom, Hanna Jarva, Ann E. Jerse, Egil Lien, Jon Goguen, Sunita Gulati, Peter A. Rice
PNAS Nov 1, 2005
… …in ref. 18. Sequencing of Rhesus Macaque C4bp CCP1 and Sequence Alignment. Rhesus macaque liver cDNA was purchased from BioChain (Hayward, CA). CCP1 of rhesus C4bp was amplified by using primer pair 5-TCTTCCAAATGACCTTGATCGCTG-3 and 5-GGCTTGGTCTCCAAACGCCTATT-3… …

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