Exploiting the glioblastoma peptidome to discover novel tumour-associated antigens for immunotherapy

Valérie Dutoit, Christel Herold-Mende, Norbert Hilf, Oliver Schoor, Philipp Beckhove, Judith Bucher, Katharina Dorsch, Sylvia Flohr, Jens Fritsche, Peter Lewandrowski, Jennifer Lohr, Hans-Georg Rammensee, Stefan Stevanovic, Claudia Trautwein, Verona Vass, Steffen Walter, Paul R Walker, Toni Weinschenk, Harpreet Singh-Jasuja, Pierre-Yves Dietrich
Brain Apr 16, 2012
… manufacturer’s protocol. Total RNA from healthy human tissues (‘bulk’ RNA isolations = mixture of all cell types contained in the respective tissue) was obtained commercially (Ambion, Clontech, Stratagene and BioChain). Peripheral …

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