Estrogen Stimulates the Expression of Mismatch Repair Gene hMLH1 in Colonic Epithelial Cells

Peng Jin, Xiao-juan Lu, Jian-qiu Sheng, Lei Fu, Xiao-ming Meng, Xin Wang, Tai-ping Shi, Shi-rong Li, Jianyu Rao
Cancer Prevention Research Aug 1, 2010
… …the results of semiquantitative RT-PCR in COLO205 cells. PCR was done in a volume of 20 muL containing 12.5 muL 2 PCR Mix (BioChain), 2 muL cDNA, 0.3 muL EvaGreen (Biotium), 0.5 muL of primers each, and 4.2 muL DEPC-treated water. The mixtures were amplified… …

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