Difference in Ca2+ Oscillation-Inducing Activity and Nuclear Translocation Ability of PLCZ1, an Egg-Activating Sperm Factor Candidate, Between Mouse, Rat, Human, and Medaka Fish

Masahiko Ito, Tomohide Shikano, Shoji Oda, Takashi Horiguchi, Satomi Tanimoto, Takeo Awaji, Hiroshi Mitani, Shunichi Miyazaki
Biol Reprod, Jun 1, 2008
… …synthesized by superscript III (Invitrogen Corp., Carlsbad, CA) and human testis cDNA (PCR Ready First Strand cDNA; C1234260; BioChain Institute, Inc., Hayward, CA), respectively. The following primers were used for rat PLCZ1: 5-GGGGTACCGCCACCATGGAGAGCCATTATGA…

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