Barbituric acid derivative BAS 02104951 inhibits PKC , PKC , PKC /RACK2 interaction, Elk-1 phosphorylation in HeLa and PKC and translocation in PC3 cells following TPA-induction

Peter Gruber, Florian Rechfeld, Johannes Kirchmair, Nina Hauser, Markus Boehler, Dorota Garczarczyk, Thierry Langer, Johann Hofmann
J. Biochem. Mar 1, 2011
… …and activated with 100 nM TPA for 5 min. Cells were fractionated using the CNMCS/CNM compartmental Protein Extraction Kit (Biochain, Hayward, USA) according to the manufacturers protocol. 10 microg of proteins of the membrane fraction were used for SDS-PAGE…

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