Autoimmunity and cystatin SA1 deficiency behind chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis in autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1

Emma Lindh, Johan Brännström, Petra Jones, Fredrik Wermeling, Signe Hässler, Corrado Betterle, Ben Zion Garty, Mats Stridsberg, Björn Herrmann, Mikael C I Karlsson, Ola Winqvist
J. Autoimmun. May 6, 2013
… Five µm cryosections from oral pig mucosa or normal human submandibular gland (BioChain) were incubated with saliva (1:10 dilution) from 3 APSI patients or 3 healthy controls overnight at 4 °C. Immunoreactivity was detected with a rabbit a-human-IgA-FITC antibody (Dako …

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