An assessment of Motorola CodeLinkTM microarray performance for gene expression profiling applications

Ramesh Ramakrishnan, David Dorris, Anna Lublinsky, Allen Nguyen, Marc Domanus, Anna Prokhorova, Linn Gieser, Edward Touma, Randall Lockner, Murthy Tata, Xiaomei Zhu, Marcus Patterson, Richard Shippy, Timothy J. Sendera, Abhijit Mazumder
Nucleic Acids Res. Apr 1, 2002
… MATERIALS AND METHODS Target preparation Five micrograms of total RNA (BioChain, Hayward, CA) were added to a reaction mix in a final volume of 12 µl, …_x000D_
… compared within three human poly(A)+ RNA samples (heart lot#A403084, brain lot#A311144 and kidney lot#A404013 from BioChain) using the Motorola CodeLink(TM) UniSet Human 1 expression bioarrays and the ABI TaqMan (R) products. …

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