A Six-Gene Signature Predicting Breast Cancer Lung Metastasis

Thomas Landemaine, Amanda Jackson, Akeila Bellahc¨¨ne, Nadia Rucci, Soraya Sin, Berta Martin Abad, Angels Sierra, Alain Boudinet, Jean-Marc Guinebreti¨¨re, Enrico Ricevuto, Catherine Nogu¨¨s, Marianne Briffod, Ivan Bi¨¨che, Pascal Cherel, Teresa Garcia, Vincent Castronovo, Anna Teti, Rosette Lidereau, Keltouma Driouch
Cancer Res Aug 1, 2008
… …IDIBELL), respectively. RNA pools from normal lung and normal liver (at least five samples in each cases) were purchased from Biochain and Invitrogen. A series of 72 primary breast tumors (CRH cohort) was specifically selected from patients with node-negative…

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