A Single-Tube Quantitative Assay for mRNA Levels of Hormonal and Growth Factor Receptors in Breast Cancer Specimens

Ayuko A. Iverson, Cheryl Gillett, Paul Cane, Christopher D. Santini, Thomas M. Vess, Lauren Kam-Morgan, Alice Wang, Marcia Eisenberg, Charles M. Rowland, Janice J. Hessling, Samuel E. Broder, John J. Sninsky, Andrew Tutt, Steven Anderson, Sheng-Yung P. Chang
J. Mol. Diagn. Mar 1, 2009
… …determine FFPE section-to-section reproducibility, five sequential sections from each of 10 breast cancer tumor FFPE samples (BioChain Institute, Hayward, CA) were obtained. Before RNA was isolated, the slide was checked to ensure that all sections from each… …

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