A primate subfamily of galectins expressed at the maternal–fetal interface that promote immune cell death

Nandor Gabor Than, Roberto Romero, Morris Goodman, Amy Weckle, Jun Xing, Zhong Dong, Yi Xu, Federica Tarquini, Andras Szilagyi, Peter Gal, Zhuocheng Hou, Adi L. Tarca, Chong Jai Kim, Jung-Sun Kim, Saied Haidarian, Monica Uddin, Hans Bohn, Kurt Benirschke, Joaquin Santolaya-Forgas, Lawrence I. Grossman, Offer Erez, Sonia S. Hassan, Peter Zavodszky, Zoltan Papp, Derek E. Wildman
PNAS Jun 1, 2009
… …PowerScript Reverse Transcriptase (BD Biosciences) for P. anubis and A. fusciceps samples. The cDNA for M. mulatta was purchased from Biochain Institute. The amplification of nucleotide sequences from genomic and complementary DNAs was performed by “primer walk” by… …

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