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Frozen Tissue Section

Features of Frozen Tissue Section

For over 20 years, BioChain has been a trusted source for tissues, as well as proteins, DNA, and RNA isolated from the materials in our tissue bank, to clinical and biopharmaceutical researchers.  Among these products is a comprehensive selection of frozen tissue sections mounted on slides.   Since we understand the importance of our customer's work, BioChain ensures that anything we offer is of the highest quality. To ensure this, each sample is placed into liquid nitrogen as soon as it is excised. These samples are then meticulously inspected, and only samples that meet our quality control parameters are ever offered for sale.  For instance, our cancer tissues are H and E stained and inspected for % tumor tissue, which is confirmed to have correct pathology and good morphology.   To ensure that our frozen tissue sections are easy to work with, they are mounted on positively charged glass slides, and dehydrated using acetone. The result is a high quality sample, which is then reviewed one last time to confirm that it meets our standards.   Biochain has been in the business long enough to offer a thousands of different tissue samples, both healthy and diseased, from myriad organs and tumors from our existing bank of samples. In many cases, we can offer matched pairs of tissue sections (normal vs. cancer, primary vs. metastatic etc).  Additionally, though our custom procurement services, we are adept at finding rare samples, should you be unable to find what you need from the items listed on our website.  Since we have a well equipped, and expertly staffed tissue processing facility in Newark CA, we also offer customized frozen tissue services - including sectioning at the ideal thickness for your project, or placing multiple sections on a single slide. We collect demographic and disease histories for samples, which can be found on the datasheets for each lot.  Additionally, we record any extra data or notes that we uncover for a specific tissue.  Our technical service staff can check our records for this extra information.  Our frozen tissue slides are ideal for ISH, IHC, and other demanding applications. Our custom services can provide tissue sections that are not mounted on slides for protein or nucleic acid extraction.  We also provide frozen tissue panels and arrays as either catalog items or custom products.  We produce these from our own tissues, or we can make them from materials that you send us.  When you and your team need a frozen tissue section for your research, BioChain is your best option for obtaining the highest quality samples.

Features of Frozen Tissue Sections

  • Tissues from a wide variety of hard to obtain tissue sources
  • Suitable for both immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization
  • Multiple tissues or a single tissue per slide
  • Documentation on tissues' clinical histories available

Applications of Frozen Tissue Sections

  • Cellular localization of tissue specific mRNA and protein expression
  • Identification of tumor and disease specific genes, proteins by in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry, and in situ PCR detection
  • Comparison of the locations of novel genes in different tissues
  • Control slides for immunohistochemistry studies
  • Quality Control
  • At least one of the tissue slides from each lot was stained with H & E to ensure the quality

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