TaqJump Anti-Taq Antibody

  • Applications: PCR, qPCR, Making hotstart qPCR supermix, Making Hotstart Taq
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Product Description

Biochain’s TaqJump Anti-Taq Antibody is a mouse monoclonal antibody specific to Biochain’s Taq DNA polymerase. The premise of hot-start PCR is the binding of a Taq antibody to Taq polymerase. When TaqJump Anti-Taq Antibody binds Taq polymerase, the Taq polymerase enzyme activity is inhibited. At high temperature over 90ºC, the TaqJump anti-Taq Antibody will be denatured and release its hold on Taq polymerase, and the enzyme will be functional to proceed DNA synthesis. TaqJump Anti-Taq Antibody is effective with a variety of commercially available Taq DNA polymerases as well.
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Product Specifications

Features Specifications
Size 200 rxn
Shipping Dry Ice
Enzyme Type Modification Enzyme
Reagent Type Antibody
Applications PCR, qPCR, Making hotstart qPCR supermix, Making Hotstart Taq

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