Universal Protein Lysate

BioChain’s Universal Protein Lysates have been specifically designed for use as a control for antibody arrays and Western Blot Analysis. We offer Universal Protein Lysates from humans and mice, as well as customized samples from a variety of species to fit your needs. At BioChain, we pool extracted Total Protein from a collection of high-quality tissue sources in order to provide the broadest coverage of proteins. Our Universal Protein Lysate is also systematically prepared on an industrial scale to minimize lot-to-lot variation and insure the highest quality protein. By using pooled Protein from whole tissues you can get better protein representation, homogenous signal intensities, stable expression profiles, and high reproducibility between different lots.

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Universal Protein Lysate

Universal Protein Lysates will enable you to streamline your research projects by easily comparing antibody arrays or Western Blot Analysis data from different experiments.


  • Broad protein coverage from diversified tissues
  • Industrial production scale to minimize lot-to-lot variation


  • Controls for antibody arrays
  • Controls for Western Blot Analysis


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