Total Protein Western Blot

BioChain's total protein Western Blots are specifically designed for proteomics, gene discovery, and functional analysis. All products are manufactured using high quality proteins from a wide variety of human adult and fetal normal tissues, human diseased and tumor tissues, mouse, rat, monkey, and plant tissues. The Total Protein Western Blots are suitable for both radioactive and non-radioactive detection.

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Total Protein Western Blot


  • High sensitivity and low background
  • Normalized based on amount of protein used in blots
  • Interblot control built into every blot
  • Broad selections of a wide variety of tissues
  • Suitable for both radioactive and non-radioactive detection
  • Corresponding Northern blots and tissue paraffin section panels are available.
  • cDNAs from the same tissues are also available for PCR detection.
  • Documentation of tissues’ clinical histories available


  • Identifying specific protein expression in a wide variety of tissues
  • Determining protein size
  • Analyzing protein expression pattern
  • Comparing expression levels of novel proteins
  • Examining alternative splicing and premature termination of a specific protein
  • Antibody validations


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