Protein Extraction

One of the challenges of functional proteomics is separation of complex proteins for quantitative and differential localization analysis. This necessitates standardized and repeatable operation procedures to isolate protein from tissues and cells. BioChain is the leading provider of protein lysates extracted from hundreds of different tissues and cells. We also offer simple and reliable kits that provide tools for protein lysate extraction. The kits we provide are high quality and enable efficient and reproducible results. Extract total protein, compartmental proteins, and membrane proteins with these 4 unique kits.

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Protein Extraction


  • Provides all components for stepwise preparation of proteins from tissues and cells
  • Isolate compartmental proteins, membrane proteins, or total protein
  • Increase detection sensitivity by enriching a subset of proteins of interest
  • Easy to use compared to other methods such as differential centrifugations


  • Prepare proteins for downstream applications such as SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, gel mobility shift assay, protein assays, protein-protein interaction, and more.
  • Detection of differential post-translational modifications or differential subcellular localization of target proteins
  • Enrichment of low-abundance proteins for visualization and subsequent analysis
  • Membrane protein expression and receptor function study
  • Use to study: DNA binding proteins such as transcription factors, soluble proteins abundant in cytosol, membrane proteins such as receptors, and cytoskeletal proteins


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