Mitochondria Isolation Kit

Mitochondria are eukaryotic subcellular organelles which contain enzymes of the citric acid cycle, the electron transport chain, and oxidative phosphorylation. Since newly emerging discoveries of human disorders are being related to mitochondrial dysfunction, there is an increasing need for mitochondrial research and genetic analysis. BioChain’s Mitochondria Isolation Kit provides a versatile method for 100 individual isolations of intact mitochondria from cultured cells (1x1010– 5x1010 cells) or tissues (10 – 20 g tissue).

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Mitochondria Isolation Kit

The steps required for mitochondrial isolation are typically laborious processes involving the lysis of cells by mechanical and/or chemical means, differential centrifugation at low speed to remove debris, and centrifugation at higher speeds to remove extremely large cellular organelles. At BioChain, we’ve removed the need for ultracentrifugation. Our very own proprietary formulation results in maximum yield of mitochondria with minimal damage to integrity. The instructional guidelines and protocol for this kit describe the method for optimizing purity and yield parameters. The isolated mitochondria can be used for numerous downstream applications, such as: apoptosis studies, metabolic studies, mitochondria diseases studies, proteomics research, Western Blot analysis, and ELISA.


  • Isolate intact and active mitochondria in less than an hour
  • Guidelines are provided for optimizing purity and yield
  • No ultracentrifuge required
  • Highly reliable and reproducible
    High yield of intact and enzymatically active mitochondria


  • Isolate intact and enzymatically active mitochondria
  • Isolate mitochondria proteins from tissues and cultured cells with just one kit


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