Mutation Quantification Control Plasma

BioChain provides DNA-free DNA plasma with spiked in Synthetic ctDNAs at fixed allele frequency (AF%) mixed with normal gDNA fragments. The product includes more than 50 mutant genes partially listed in the table below. This control plasma is more  “patient-like “ in  process validation and quality control.

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Mutation Quantification Control Plasma

EGFR (T790M) KRAS (G12S) TP53 (R175H) EGFR (delE746-A750)
EGFR (C797S) KRAS (G12A) APC (R1450X) EGFR (delL747-T751insS)
EGFR (T790M & C797S cis) KRAS  (G12R) Beta2-M (M1I) EGFR (delL747-P753insS)
EGFR (G719S) KRAS (G13D) DDR2 (R709X) EML4-ALK v1
EGFR (G719C) BRAF (V600E) ERBB4 (R711C) EML4-ALK v2
EGFR (G719A) BRCA1 (P871L) MDM2 (R189H) ETV6-NTRK3
EGFR (S720F) BRCA2 (N372H) MDM4 (Q118L) CCDC6-RET
EGFR (L861Q) JAK2 (V617F) PTEN (R130G) CD74-ROS1
EGFR (L861R) MAP2K1 (P124S) SKT11 (F354L) SLC34A2-ROS1
KRAS (G12D) MET (Y1253D) EGFR (D770-N771insNPG) CD74-ROS1
KRAS (G12V) PIK3CA (H1047R) EGFR (D770-N771insSVQ) CTNNB1 (S45P)
KRAS (G12C) TERT (A305A) EGFR (D770-N771insG) Beta2-M  (M1I )


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