Cell-Free DNA

BioChain has long been providing large amounts of cfDNA (nanogram to microgram scales) over the years to researchers upon request.  However, demand has greatly accelerated in recent years. Therefore, BioChain is now offering high-quality human plasma cfDNA from a pool of healthy/normal individuals for use as a reference control and standard.  As opposed to synthetic or mixtures of cell line DNAs, this endogenous cfDNA will serve as an impartial baseline/reference to cell-free circulating tumor DNA for various diseases in human.

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Cell-Free DNA


In contrast to traditional tissue biopsy, liquid biopsy is technically non-invasive and has been implemented successfully as diagnostic and monitoring tools for early disease detection, such as early-stage cancer. This approach takes advantage of fragmented DNA released from dying tumor cells that eventually circulate in the bloodstream or other bodily fluids.  This truncated DNA, usually less than 200bp, is referred to as cell-free DNA (cfDNA) and can readily be extracted from plasma and serum via magnetic bead-based kits.


  • Human plasma cfDNA isolated from a pool of healthy/normal donors
  • Negligible traces of genomic DNA
  • cfDNA validated by BioAnalyzer and concentration determined by Qubit dsDNA high sensitivity kit



  • Ideal PCR and NGS control for mutational analysis and biomarker discovery to cell-free circulating tumor DNA or other diseases
  • Protocol optimization for cfDNA extraction
  • QC standards


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