RNA Extraction Kits

An RNA extraction kit is a tool that is necessary for many research applications. Without the ability to obtain high quality RNA, research involving cDNA cloning, gene expression studies, and similar methodologies, would be impossible. With over 20 years' experience producing RNA from myriad tissue types, BioChain offers a number of different options to choose from when an RNA extraction kit is needed. With BioChain's products, high quality RNA can even be isolated from cartilage.   Any type of laboratory or medical research facility would be well served by ordering the supplies from BioChain.  We consistently deliver only the highest quality products. No matter what type of tissue you need to extract RNA from, BioChain offers a kit to meet those needs.

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RNA Extraction Kits

What Types Of Research Being Conducted Requires The Use Of An RNA Extraction Kit?

RNA extraction is a vital part of many different fields of research, in fact without the ability to isolate and extract RNA many of these different fields of research would be impossible. Specifically RNA extraction is necessary for qRTPCR, digital PCR, RNA microarray analysis, transcriptome analysis, and cDNA library construction. While these are all well known and important uses for RNA extraction, it is a virtual certainty that other applications for this technology will be found in the future. That means that the demand for a reliable RNA extraction kit will continue to grow, and BioChain will likely remain the top choice for researchers in the future.

What Features Does BioChain Offer In The RNA Extraction Kits?

Versatility is one of the main reasons that you should consider using an RNA extraction kit from BioChain. We offer kits that are capable of isolating and extracting RNA from a wide range of different biological materials. We have kits that can extract RNA from fresh or frozen tissue, blood, viruses, cells, and formalin-fixed paraffin. We also feature impressive automation capabilities which enables a research team to work with large numbers of samples in an efficient manner. The bottom line is that the different options that BioChain offers in terms of different types of RNA extraction kits makes us an ideal supplier for any medical research facility.

There are many unseen little steps on the path to medical breakthroughs, and there is a lot of hard work that serves as their foundation. Without these little steps and the hard work of dedicated personnel many of the advancements in medicine that benefit us all would not be possible. BioChain is proud to offer a selection of high end diagnostic materials that doctors, researchers, and scientists can rely upon. If your lab is looking for an RNA extraction kit that is accurate, reliable, easy to use, and cost effective, then BioChain is the obvious answer.


  • Tissue and cell total RNA extraction
  • Blood total RNA extraction
  • FFPE tissue total RNA extraction
  • MicroRNA extraction
  • mRNA extraction


  • RNA Isolation


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