BioChain offers a variety of enzymes that are most frequently used in molecular biology and biochemisty research. Our enzymes are of premium quality and at the most competitive price. We provide enzymes such as DNase I, RNase A, Proteinase K, M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase, Ultrascript MMLV Reverse Transcriptase, Ribonuclease A, and Ribonuclease inhibitors. Our enzymes have high activity, high specificity, high fidelity, and thermostability. Customers and life science researchers can count on reliable synthesis of full length cDNA, and perform numerous procedures with our ready-to-use enzyme products.

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  • Synthesize full length cDNA from RNA templates
  • Higher activity, specificity, and fidelity
  • Thermostability


  • First-strand cDNA synthesis for subsequent PCR or real time PC.
  • RT-PCR validation and quantification of gene silencing by RNA interference
  • Validate RT-PCR gene expression data obtained from microarray studies


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