Elisa Assay kits sold by BioChain Institute are tools that will allow laboratories the abilities to research and detect the presence of a number of infectious agents. BioChain has been in business for over 20 years, and in that time they have developed a reputation for offering researchers the type of accurate and reliable diagnostic tools that are needed in clinical settings. BioChain provides the tools that scientists need to continue to expand the boundaries of modern medicine, and the Elisa Kit is one of those tools. It was specifically designed to give researchers a reliable and easy to use tool that will enable them to continue their important work. In addition to being used for research purposes, it also shows potential for use in patient diagnostics. Currently it is approved for such use in China, and as a research tool worldwide.

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The Benefits Of An Elisa Assay Kit

Elisa Kits have a number of benefits that help to make it an ideal tool for researchers. It was designed to be fast and easy to use, which means that researchers can focus their energy on more important tasks than figuring out how to use a complicated diagnostic tool. It was also designed to be highly sensitive, and very accurate, both attributes are essential for any type of clinical work. In fact BioChain’s reputation for producing the highest quality medical diagnostic tools makes it the perfect choice for any person or company that works in the medical research field.

What Can These Kits Be Used For?

BioChain Elisa Assay Kits can be used to detect a wide range of different infectious agents. This includes the ability to detect HIV, HBV, HCV, Herpes Simplex Virus Type II, as well as a number of other viruses. Since, as is the case with ELISAs, each kit was designed to detect a specific type of virus, any research facility interested in using these kits will have to order a variety of them in order to screen for different viruses. Fortunately the cost of these kits is relatively low-especially when you consider the important nature of the work that they are used in.

Features of the Elisa Kit

  • Fast
  • High sensitivity
  • High specifity

Applications of Elisa Kit

  • Diagnostic research


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