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DNA Extraction Kits

Features of DNA Extraction Kits

 With over 20 years spent extracting DNA from a wide variety of sample types, BioChain is positioned to package our experience into some of the most effective and efficient kits of this nature on the market today. We prioritize ease of use while still maintaining the reliability and precision needed for producing highly reproducible results.  We are aware that biological specimens are often variable in terms of consistency and content. Factors such as sugar, protein, and fat composition can affect the quality and purity of extracted nucleic acids, which in turn affects the performance and results of downstream applications.  We design our kits to make it easy to reduce levels of these contaminants, while giving high yields, at a reasonable cost.  Since DNA analysis continues to be at the forefront in advances in medicine and biology, it should be clear that only tools and equipment held to the highest standard should be used in this type of work. BioChain is proud to be a top supplier for biological research labs worldwide, and we continue to improve upon and expand on their current product line - focusing on difficult sample types, as well as supporting emerging technologies such as liquid biopsy.

How DNA Extraction Works

DNA extraction is the first step in many different types of work. In order to successfully extract and isolate DNA the cells in a sample first need to be lysed efficiently to access to the DNA, which will then be bound to a solid matrix such as a spin column or coated magnetic bead. We thoroughly optimize our lysis and binding agents to ensure maximum yields of the target DNA species.  We also optimize the washing steps to ensure efficient purification of the DNA, which results in both better performance in downstream applications, and better elution efficiency for higher yields. Once the DNA is extracted, using a BioChain DNA purification kit, it can be used for whatever purpose intended, including PCR amplification, SNP analysis, Southern Blot analysis, and various other types of DNA research.

BioChain Has Targeted Specific, Difficult Sample Types

BioChain has kits for isolation from serum, plasma, urine, saliva and other body fluids now  finding uses with the non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), liquid biopsy, forensics, and personalized medicine communities.   We also carry products genomic DNA extraction from blood, cultured cells, frozen tissues, and formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissues (which can be very challenging to work with). In addition BioChain also offers nucleic acid extraction services to save time and reduce worry.

BioChain's DNA Purification Kits Provide The Reproducibility and Ease of Use That can Dramatically Improve Productivity, and Power Discovery

When engaged in molecular biology procedures, you need to make sure you are using a purification kit you can rely on - for any downstream application.  You need to know that your results won't be compromised by an impure DNA sample.  Fast, accurate, and easy to use, BioChain's DNA purification kits make life in the lab easier and enhance success.


  • Tissue and cell genomic DNA extraction
  • Blood and serum genomic DNA extraction
  • FFPE tissue genomic DNA extraction
  • Stool genomic DNA extraction
  • Saliva genomic DNA extraction
  • Urine genomic DNA extraction


  • DNA Isolation

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