DNA Extraction Kits

Obtaining high-quality DNA is often the most crucial prerequisite in executing many molecular biology techniques. Many downstream applications such as real-time PCR, next-generation sequencing (NGS), digital PCR, and array analysis rely on the high quality and yield of DNA samples for reliable results.
BioChain delivers a comprehensive selection of exceptional DNA isolation kits and reagents to help maximize the confidence that you have in your results. We provide column based kits for manual and magnetic bead based for automated extractions. Our extraction kits can be used for FFPE or Frozen tissue and bodily fluids (e.g. blood, plasma, urine, saliva, and stool). BioChain is also the leading provider of gDNAs and FFPE DNA that have been extracted from hundreds of different tissues and cells. Bulk quantities and OEM manufacturing are also available for purchase at highly competitive prices.

How DNA Extraction Works

DNA extraction is the first step in many different types of work. In order to successfully extract and isolate DNA the cells in a sample first need to be lysed efficiently to access to the DNA, which will then be bound to a solid matrix such as a spin column or coated magnetic bead. We thoroughly optimize our lysis and binding agents to ensure maximum yields of the target DNA species. We also optimize the washing steps to ensure efficient purification of the DNA, which results in both better performance in downstream applications, and better elution efficiency for higher yields. Once the DNA is extracted, using a BioChain DNA purification kit, it can be used for whatever purpose intended, including PCR amplification, SNP analysis, Southern Blot analysis, and various other types of DNA research.


  • Tissue and cell genomic DNA extraction
  • Blood and serum genomic DNA extraction
  • FFPE tissue genomic DNA extraction
  • Stool genomic DNA extraction
  • Saliva genomic DNA extraction
  • Urine genomic DNA extraction
  • cell free DNA extraction kits


  • DNA Isolation
  • column based kits for manual and magnetic bead based for automated extractions
  • Automated DNA extraction machine - AnaPrepDx 12
  • our magnetic bead based kits can be used on kingfisher
  • we can provide custom kits
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Sample Type
Cell culture, Tissues, Whole Blood
Whole blood
Cell culture, Tissues, Whole Blood, Bacteria, FFPE, Forensic
Method of Extraction
Magnetic beads
Magnetic beads
Magnetic beads
Yes, on AnaPrep 12 only
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