NGS-Related Kits and Enzymes

BioChain's SeqPure PCR purification kit provides a very cost-effective solution for library cleanup, that is 100% compatible with all Illumina sequencing platforms.  Recovery of DNA fragments >100bp is equivalent or superior to PCR cleanup kits costing far more.  BioChain's RNAseq enzymes are rigorously QC'ed for use in our own kits, but are sold separately so that you can use them in your own cost effective sequencing master mixes.

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NGS-Related Kits and Enzymes

BioChain understands that many labs need both quality and value as they move into next-generation sequencing (NGS).   We save you money and prevent headaches.

Dramatic improvements have been made to commercial next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms which have resulted in reductions in the cost-per base of DNA sequencing – increasing the number of samples sequenced, and therefore the costs involved in preparing them.

We understand that successful and meaningful results on any next-generation sequencing instrument depend on high-quality input materials. We also understand that sample preparation costs become an increasingly important consideration as NGS projects involve increasing numbers of samples per experiment.


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