DNA Extraction

Biological specimens are often variable in terms of consistency and content. Factors such as sugar, protein, and fat composition can affect the quality and purity of extracted nucleic acids, as well as, the performance and results of downstream applications. At BioChain, we offer the most efficient and effective DNA extraction kits that cover a range of distinct technologies. Isolate high quality genomic DNA and use for PCR amplification, Southern Blot analysis, SNP analysis, and DNA methylation research. These kits contain enough reagents for isolating genomic DNA from 5 grams of tissue or cells. We also offer nucleic acid extraction services.

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DNA Extraction


  • Tissue and cell genomic DNA extraction
  • Blood and serum genomic DNA extraction
  • FFPE tissue genomic DNA extraction
  • Stool genomic DNA extraction
  • Saliva genomic DNA extraction
  • Urine genomic DNA extraction


  • DNA Isolation


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