CNMCS Compartmental Protein Extraction Kit

  • Applications: Extraction, Western Blot
BioChain's CNMCs Compartmental Protein Extraction Kit is designed for rapid and efficient sequential isolation of cytoplasmic, nuclear, membrane, and cytoskeletal proteins, all from the same tissue or cell samples. The protein extracts isolated using this kit are pure and overcome a major challenge of complex protein separation for downstream functional proteomic analysis.
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Product Description

Our CNMCS Compartmental Protein Kit simplifies the process of separating proteins based on which cellular compartment they call their primary residence. The component described here is buffer M, which allows researchers to recover membrane proteins.  Each of the components of the complete CNMCS kit, including the buffers and our proteinase inhibitor cocktail can be purchased separately, or as the complete kit.  For the complete kit, see catalog number K3013010.  If you need a kit that isolates proteins from the cytoplasm, nucleus and membrane fractions, but do not need the cytoskeletal fraction, see catalog number K3012010 (Compartmental protein kit).
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Product Specifications

Features Specifications
Size 1 kit
Shipping Dry Ice
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Applications Extraction, Western Blot
Sample Type Cell, Tissue