AnaPrep Automated Sample Prep

BioChain’s AnaPrep system is a fully automated sample preparation system that is efficient, effective and economical. Based on the latest magnetic bead technology, AnaPrep is easy to use with three simple steps: load samples, run pre-programmed protocols, and collect purified samples. The end result is reproducible high quality nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials that are ready for a variety of downstream applications.

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AnaPrep Automated Sample Prep

Features/ Benefits:

  • Automated sample preparation of 1 to up to 24 samples with pre-programmed protocols
  • Consistent high purity nucleic acid using reliable reagents and methods
  • Saves time and labor with pre-filled reagent cartridges and disposables
  • Flexible design for processing customized sample numbers and elution volume (50-300ul)
  • For research use only in the US, manufactured under GMP, ISO13485, and CE marking
  • Minimizes contamination risks with unidirectional sample head and built-in UV lamp
  • Versatile system enables purification from various sample sources and the products are suitable for many downstream applications
  • Easy to Use and Error-free with simple steps, fool-proof design, and barcode reader
  • Conserves space with an all-in-one, compact instrument


  • Efficient: AnaPrep system is easy to setup and easy to train. A scanning reader loads your extraction protocol with pre-programmed barcode without the need for an external computer. Running your samples is as easy as 1-2-3: load samples, run pre-programmed protocols, and collect purified nucleic acids.
  • Effective: AnaPrep system is designed to reduce contamination with our unidirectional autosampler in addition to a built-in UV lamp. With BioChain’s polygonal-shaped reaction chamber, AnaPrep eliminates magnetic bead residue as well as other unwanted contaminants in the eluted product.
  • Economical: AnaPrep system provides consistent high quality nucleic acid extraction with BioChain’s magnetic beads and cartridge technology. These individually packed cartridges can be tailored to your workload without wasting any valuable reagents.


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