Universal Protein Lysate: Human Normal Tissues


BioChains’ Human Universal Protein Lysate is prepared from major organs of both male and female adult donors. This protein lysate serves as a standard for comparison of human protein expression


BioChain’s Universal Protein Lysate is the total protein isolated from a variety of tissue sources including human, monkey, dog, mouse, and rat, to ensure the broadest coverage of proteins. It can be used as controls for comparison of protein expression and for antibody microarray study. Our product is manufactured on an industrial scale to minimize lot-to-lot variation.

Certificate of Analysis

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  • Male: 24-82 yrs old, 13 donors, 18-29 wks old, 3 donors / Female: 34-82 yrs old, 8 donors, 24-37 wks old, 3 donors
  • P4234565
  • A811222
  • normal
  • 4x0.5 mg
  • 5 mg/ml