Total RNA – Human Adult Normal Tissue 5 Donor Pool: Pancreas


BioChain offers RNAs of one specific organ pooled from 5 different donors. The product is available for over 20 different types of tissues.


BioChain’s Total RNAs are isolated from a wide variety of documented human normal, diseased, and tumor tissues, mouse, rat, monkey, and plant tissues. Total RNA isolation is performed using proprietary techniques. Contamination by RNase, genomic DNA polysaccharides, and proteoglycans has been effectively eliminated. The integrity of the total RNAs is assured by checking for a ratio of greater than 1:1 between 28s and 18s ribosomal RNA. High efficiency reverse transcription using the Total RNA is demonstrated.

Certificate of Analysis

No manuals for this product.

  • Male: 41, 44, 64, 71 yrs old, 4 donors / Female: 88 yrs old, 1 donor
  • R1234188-P
  • B701110
  • normal
  • 50 µg
  • 2.16 µg/µl