Total Protein Extraction Kit


BioChain’s Total Protein Extraction Kit is designed for rapid and efficient isolation of total protein tissue lysates or cell lysates. The protein extracts isolated using this kit are native and are ready-to-use for many downstream applications.


BioChain’s Total Protein Extraction Kit is designed for rapid and efficient isolation of total protein lysates from virtually any tissue or cell sample. The system utilizes our proprietary buffer that has been optimized to prepare the highest quality total protein extractions. The kit also includes our proprietary protease inhibitor cocktail to prevent protein degradation. In conjunction, these two components result in protein extracts that are native and may be used for downstream applications such as SDS-PAGE, isoelectric focusing and 2-D gel electrophoresis, Western blotting, tissue-specific protein expression analysis, immunoprecipitation, protein-protein interaction studies, gel mobility shift analysis, DNA-protein interaction studies, antibody production, and enzymatic activity assays.


Our Total Protein Extraction Kit is user-friendly and contains enough reagents for isolating total proteins from up to 5 grams of tissue or 125 million cultured cells. The kit is scalable and may be used on sample sizes as small as 0.1 g of tissue or 2.5 million cells (may use even less for certain tissues that yield high amounts of protein). No scraping, no freeze-thaw cycles, and no sonication are needed. If proteins from different cellular compartments are needed (e.g. membrane proteins only), BioChain also offers addition kits to meet the demands of the researcher.



Extract high quality total protein lysates for tissue-specific protein expression analysis, novel protein biomarker discovery, SDS-PAGE, Western blot, immunoprecipitation and other demanding applications.


Advantages and Features:

  • Versatile:Extraction from as little as 0.1 g of tissue or 2.5 million cells and up to 5 g of tissue or 125 million cells
  • Time Efficient:Manual extraction protocol takes roughly one hour
  • Cost Effective:Competitive price <$7 per extraction from 100 mg of tissue


High Quality Total Protein Tissue Lysates

Using BioChain’s Total Protein Extraction Kit results in high-quality proteins that show an absence of smearing on an SDS-PAGE gel; extraction of total proteins is also demonstrated by the range in size from 10 kd to greater than 200 kd (Figure 1).

Figure 1. 50 μg of total proteins resolved on a 4-20% gradient SDS-PAGE gel (top) and expression of GAPDH* was verified using a Western blot (bottom). Total proteins were isolated from 16 different human tissues using the Total Protein Extraction kit as follows:

Lane 1: Placenta                  Lane 2: Testis                   Lane 3: Prostate              Lane 4: Uterus

Lane 5: Rectum                  Lane 6: Colon                    Lane 7: Small Intestine    Lane 8: Stomach

Lane 9: Skeletal Muscle     Lane10: Spleen                 Lane11: Pancreas            Lane 12: Lung

Lane 13: Liver                     Lane14: Kidney                 Lane15: Brain                   Lane 16: Heart

*GAPDH expression levels dependent on tissue type