Stool DNA Isolation Kit


BioChain's Stool DNA Isolation Kit is designed for the purification of genomic DNA fragment from stool samples in a spin column format. No phenol-chloroform, protease or precipitation steps are involved in isolating DNA. The DNA product can be used directly for quantitative PCR and other downstream applications.


BioChain’s stool DNA extraction kit  is a convenient and easy to use means of extracting high purity genomic DNA from stool samples.  This kit does not require organic extraction with toxic reagents such as phenol or chloroform, or loss-inducing precipitation steps.  The lysis-binding and wash buffers are formulated to remove contaminants that may inhibit downstream applications, such as next generation sequencing, PCR, and methylation studies that are key to a better understanding of gastrointestinal cancers such as colorectal cancer.



• Spin column format

• No proteinase incubations required

• Efficiently removes contaminants

• Simple, straightforward protocol



DNA isolated using this kit is suitable for,

• PCR-related protocols

• Southern blots

• SNP analysis

• DNA methylation studies


Once extracted the genomic DNA is of high quality and purity making it ideal for a wide range of downstream applicaitons.  Due to BioChain’s strict standards you don’t have to concern yourself over whether or not the genomic DNA you obtained will hold up under scrutiny. The last thing you want to have happen is to conclude your research only to find that the foundation it was built upon was faulty. With the stool DNA extraction kit from BioChain this won’t be a concern.  While being easy to use, it produces DNA that will yield consistent results.


The Benefits Of Using A Stool DNA Extraction Kit From BioChain

Because no phenol-chloroform or protease or precipitation steps are used in isolating the genomic DNA the samples obtained are able to be used directly for PCR amplification after obtaining them.  Further preparation steps, or precipitation is needed.  Each stool DNA extraction kit comes with enough materials enabling it to isolate and extract genomic DNA from up to 5 grams of tissues samples. This kit is reliable, cost effective, and can also be used on a fairly large amount of tissue samples.


What Is Genomic DNA Extracted From A Stool Sample Used For?

Genomic DNA extracted from a stool sample is the basis for numerous studies identifying methylated DNA, or sequence mutation biomarkers involved in colorectal and other gastrointestinal cancers.  DNA from this sample type can also be used to gain insights into the diets of various animals, with next generation sequencing (NGS) of stool providing new insights into this field.   When the time comes to order your medical research biological research supplies you can order from BioChain and trust that you are getting products that will meet or exceed your expectations.