RapidSeq High Yield Small RNA Sample Prep Kit – With Aligner 25-36


BioChain’s RapidSeq NGS sample library construction kits are compatible with Illumina’s sequencing platform. The mRNA kit has the advantage of being strand-specific. Four sets of kits each with a different set of 12 aligners are available to allow the processing of 48 samples which can be run on a single sequencing run.


BioChain’s RapidSeq Small RNA Sample prep kit is developed to provide the most cost-effective solution to the RNA-seq next gen sequencing research and diagnostic community. This kit is a simple method for generating small RNA libraries directly from total RNA. Small RNA comprises a large family of regulatory molecules in organisms and plays an important role in development and disease. Small RNA can be used for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) which is a powerful tool to identify and qualitatively analyze the entire population of small RNAs. BioChain’s RapidSeq Small RNA Sample Preparation Kit provides a method for preparing NGS libraries for subsequent cluster generation by using purified small RNA or total RNA which contains small RNA fragments as input. This kit requires as little as 100 ng total RNA which makes the whole genome microRNA analysis possible from many rare or hard to obtain sources.