Paraffin Tissue Section – Human Lung Tumor: Adenocarcinoma


Adenocarcinomas are cancers of the glands – beginning in secretory cells throughout the body.  As such, they are common in breast, colon, pancreas, lung, esophageal, and prostate tissues, making this type of cancer a key target for research.  Treatment options generally include a mix of surgical resection, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.


Early detection is key.  For example, if lung cancers are detected early (Stage1A), 5-year survival rates can be close to 45%.  If lung cancers have been allowed to persist long enough to metastasize, 5-year survival rates drop to roughly 1%.  Similar trends are seen with other adenocarcinomas.  This is one of the driving forces for the development of early detection methods such as “liquid biopsy,” where cancer-specific protein or cell-free DNA sequences are assayed for in blood plasma or other body fluids.


Hypermethylation of the promoters of the SHOX2, SEPT9, and other genes in blood plasma are being explored as potential biomarkers for use in liquid biopsy for  lung adenocarcinomas.


With over 20 years’ experience working with the research community, BioChain has developed a line of paraffin tissue sections, including lung adenocarcinoma sections.  Key features include the following: • Based on a sample repository network that follows IRB-approved ethical standards and procedures • Sections are identified by a board licensed pathologist • Each slide contains tissue from a single tumor • Ideal for determination of the cellular locations of specific RNAs and proteins • Patient demographic and disease related history data are available • Suitable for immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization assays • The tissue sections are approximately 5 µm thick • Sections are 5 µm in thickness, and mounted on positively charged glass slides • Sections can be ordered as curls in tubes (for protein or nucleic acid extraction)

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