ImmuChem ImmunoHistoChemistry Kit: Streptavidin


Immunohistochemistry is widely used for research and diagnosis to determine antigen status under normal or diseased conditions. ImmuChem immunohistochemistry detection kit is a reliable and convenient tool to identify specific gene expression on tissues or immobilized cells. Each kit contains all reagents, including buffer and chromogen, required for the immunohistochemistry. A biotinylated, cross-absorbed, and affinity purified secondary antibody is used to detect primary antibody-antigen complexes adhered to a glass microscope slide, followed by reaction with enhanced streptavidin peroxidase conjugate and subsequent color development using 3, 3-Diaminobenzidine. More…


BioChain provides a variety of reagents for protein analysis, such as Western blot, immunohistochemistry, and protein profiling. These kits enable scientists to analyze protein expression in protein lysate or in tissue sections.