Frozen Tissue Array – Dog Female Adult Normal Tissue, Multi-tissue I


BioChain’s dog normal multiple frozen tissue arrays are designed for studying tissue specific cellular localization of genes or proteins of interest in different dog tissues. Up to 30 different frozen tissues from the same male or female dog are mounted on positively charged glass slides. Total RNA and cDNA from those tissues may also be available upon request.


BioChain’s tissue products are based on the sample repository network established following the IRB-approved ethical standard and procedures. The repository covers a wide variety of species and diseases, including human adult and fetal normal tissues, human diseased and tumor tissues, as well as mouse, rat, and monkey tissues. The tissues are immediately put in liquid nitrogen after being excised, and then identified by a board-licensed pathologist. Patient demographic and disease related history data are available.

BioChain’s Frozen Tissue Arrays are manufactured using high-quality tissues. Up to 45 different tissues are mounted on a modified glass slide after preparation with proprietary techniques. Each section is approximately 5 µm thick. H.E. staining and immunostaining using ß-actin antibody ensure quality. Frozen tissue array is ideal for rapid cellular localization of RNA and protein expression.

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