dNTP Mix


The dNTP solution provided by BioChain is specially manufactured and tested for downstream applications in molecular biology. The ready-to-use mix contains varied concentrations depending on the purpose. Some of the essential uses for this dNTP mix include PCR/RT-PCR, DNA labeling, and DNA sequencing. BioChain’s dNTP mix is also purified with preparative high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), which guarantees at least a 99.5% level of purity.


The product has undergone further rigorous quality testing:
●  The concentration is verified by optical density spectrophotometry.

●  Preparation is free of DNase contamination (determined by incubation of 4 dNTPs with radioactive substrates)

●  Preparation is free of RNase contamination (determined by incubation of 4 dNTPs with radioactive substrates)

●  Each lot of the product is tested for performance with Taq DNA polymerase.

Applications of dNTP Mix

Some of the important molecular biology applications using dNTP mixes include:

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

●  Gene amplification for cloning

●  RT-PCR for gene quantitation

DNA labeling

●  Nick translational labeling using random nicks that are to be replaced using DNA polymerase

●  PCR labeling to generate labeled DNA probes

●  Oligonucleotide tailing to generate high sensitivity probes for hybridization studies

DNA sequencing

●  Analyze a chain of DNA and determine the order of nucleotides within it

●  Use for Sanger sequencing and more recent Next Gen Sequencing applications
BioChain also offers the most competitive price available on the market, with additional discounts for large quantities or bulk purchase. Free samples are available upon request.


Certificate of Analysis

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  • K6011105-100
  • 100 μl (10 mM each)