Breast Tumor Tissue Array – duplicated 70 cases covering all the common types of breast cancer and 5 cases of normal and other non-malignant breast tissues I


BioChain’s human breast tumor high throughput tissue array (TeHAT) is designed for rapidly screening genes or proteins of your interest in various breast tumor types. Some tissue arrays have either corresponding normal or adjacent normal tissues as controls. Tissues are arrayed on positively charged glass slides. Tumor diagnosis, tumor stage (or TNM), tumor size, tumor differentiation, and tumor history are provided.


BioChain’s tissue arrays or tissue microarrays (TMAs) are a useful tool in biomarker research and drug target validation. It consists of paraffin blocks that are assembled in array fashion to allow multiplex histological analysis. BioChain’s TMAs provide a valuable tool for analysis of protein, RNA, or DNA molecules in oncology, both the malignant and metastatic markers. TMAs can also been constructed with tissues from other diseases and species.

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