BioChain’s IsHyb In Situ Hybridization Kit provides the reagents, including mRNA hybridization buffer, NBT/BCIP color development solution and washing buffer solutions, for prehybridization, hybridization, and post hybridization treatments.


BioChain is the industry leader in providing tissue samples and the sample preparation tools for life science research. For molecular and biological functional analysis, we provides not only ready-to-use RNA and RNA extraction kits, but also a variety of reagents and kits for RNA functional analysis, such as RT-qPCR assays, microRNA detection. BioChain also provides hundreds of published and validated siRNA oligos, custom synthesized siRNAs including siRNA oligos, chemically modified RNA oligos, and fluorescently labeled siRNA oligos. These RNA related kits have enabled our customers to easily analyze total RNA, microRNA and siRNAs.