Alpha-Amylase Assay Kit


BioChain’s Alpha-amylase Assay Kits include two types: Type I: An insoluble dye-coupled substrate amylose azure is cleaved by alpha-amylase into soluble colored products. The color intensity, measured at 595 nm, is proportionate to the enzyme activity in the sample. Type II: Two steps are involved: (1). Alpha-amylase in the sample hydrolyzes starch and the product is rapidly converted to glucose by alpha-glucosidase and hydrogen peroxide by glucose oxidase; (2). hydrogen peroxide concentration is determined with a colorimetric reagent.


BioChain’s enzyme assay kits are designed for enzymatic activity testing. The kits are developed using the harmless non-radioactive assays, such as fluorescence, bio- and chemiluminescence detection techniques. With our assay kits, researchers need little to no time for assay optimization.