Characterized Tissues

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  • Deep sequencing by NGS with high coverage
  • FFPE curls or slides available (inquire for blocks)
  • Documentation of the tissue donor’s clinical histories is available
  • Information regarding tumor type is available
  • Complete NGS sequencing data available




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  • Sequencing Data

  • Prescreened for SNPs, Indels & CNVs
  • Custom Characterization of Tumor &              Matched Samples

  • NGS Characterized

  • BRCA 1 & BRCA 2 Characterized Samples
  • FFPE MSI Characterized

  • FFPE HPV Characterized

  • EGFR Characterized Samples

  • Matched Pair Normal Blood Samples

Need samples from multiple donors?

Reach out to us to customize your project! We offer custom sample procurement, custom frozen and FFPE tissue sectioning and more!