cfPure™ Cell Free DNA Extraction Kit is BioChain’s new magnetic bead-based DNA extraction kit designed to isolate circulating cell free DNA (cfDNA) from human plasma and serum. The kit has a quick, simple, and automation friendly protocol that allows users to quickly extract high quality cfDNA that is ready for use in downstream applications such as qPCR, NGS, and bisulfite sequencing.

cfPure™ is:

  • Cost Effective: <$3 per extraction from 1 mL plasma (List price for 250mL kit).
  • Automation – Friendly: We’re experienced at automating cfPure™ on both the KingFisher™ and on pipette-based instruments – and are happy to share tips.
  • Versatile: Bead based system is amenable to extraction from <1mL to >10mL serum or plasma – in single tubes or 24- to 96-well plates.
  • Reproducible: Our beads, chemistry, and protocols are optimized for consistent results.
  • Pure: Extracted cfDNA is suitable for NGS, qPCR and other demanding applications.

Rapid and Efficient Magnetic Bead-Based Protocol
The cfPure™ protocol is rapid and easy, allowing users to process several samples in an hour or less and making it ideal for biomarker screening. BioChain has developed its own silica-coated magnetic bead technology, which is designed to efficiently recover low molecular weight cfDNA during isolation. In addition to being easy to perform, and easy to automate, you can use less magnetic bead solution if you are purifying small amounts of plasma – saving you money.


First Step to Non-Invasive Disease State Detection
Cell free DNA offers a library of information for the non-invasive detection of cancer and prenatal genetic testing. cfDNA is present in the human blood at varying levels, from 1 to 100 ng per ml of plasma. The size of cfDNA is typically 100 bp to 500 bp in length (with most fragments being about 160-180 bp long), making traditional DNA extraction difficult. The key to successful analysis of cfDNA is to ensure efficient purification of smaller DNA fragments (100-500 bp). As Figure 1 shows, the cfPure™ Cell Free DNA Extraction Kit does efficiently recover these important small fragments. Lastly, while cfPure™ employs a magnetic bead-based DNA extraction method, the recovered cfDNA performs identically in sensitive applications, such as Next Generation Sequencing, to current spin column based cfDNA kits on the market.

Sized for Your Needs
Our optimized magnetic bead based protocol enables the user to scale the protocol for use with any sample volume from 100 µl to 10 ml with highly reproducible results (Table 1). We also offer two kit sizes to fit your needs. Our 100 ml kit contains enough reagents to extract cfDNA from 100 ml of human plasma. Our larger 250 ml kit contains sufficient reagents to extract cfDNA from 250 ml of human plasma.

Efficient Recovery of cfDNA using Kingfisher Flex

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