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UltraScript and M-MLV RTase for PCR Applications

UltraScript TM Reverse Transcriptase is a new engineered version of M-MLV reverse transcriptase possessing minimum RNase H activity and maximum thermal stability. The enzyme is purified to near homogeneity, ensuring high thermal stability, specificity, fidelity, yield, and higher full length cDNA synthesis that the premium reverse transcriptase provides. The optimal fist-strand cDNA synthesis temperature for this enzyme is 50 oC, and has a broad working temperature range from 37 oC to 60 oC, with cDNA product size from 100 bp to 12,000 bp.

RapidSeq Kit for Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) Sample Library Construction

As a disruptive technology, next-generation sequencing (NGS) is rapidly changing the landscape of biomarker research, clinical diagnostics, and drug development, presenting an unprecedented market opportunity for life science technology and service providers. BioChain is strategically moving into this space through the offering for the market leading Illumina platform the RapidSeq RNA-Seq sample library construction kit.

BioChain’s RapidSeq kit reduces workflow complexity, shortens sample library preparation time and labor, and minimizes errors by eliminating extra steps and optimizing the experiment protocol. With input RNA requirement as low as 0.5ng, this kit can be used for the sample preparation from rare and difficult to obtain sources, such as the pathological samples. It can also be used for the situations where the samples are degraded as with formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples.