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PCR, RT-PCR, Real-Time qPCR
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PCR, RT-PCR, Real-Time qPCR

Introduction to PCR, RT-PCR, Real-Time qPCR

BioChain offers the commonly used PCR enzymes and reagents, such as qPCR SuperMix, Taq polymerase, dNTP, and primers that can help you to achieve optimum PCR results. 

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    SeqPure PCR Purification 

Biochain’s SeqPure PCR Purification System is designed for rapid and efficient purification of PCR products. The system utilizes paramagnetic bead technology to selectively bind DNA fragments 100 bp and larger in size. Simple washing steps will remove salts, primers, primer-dimers, nucleotides, and enzymes prior to elution of the purified PCR product. 


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 qPCR SuperMix

BioChain’s Supermix kits optimize qPCR with complex environmental conditions. In addition, the Eva Green dye based and TaqMan probe based SuperMix kits ensure the high quality qPCR result by efficiency and reproducibility. BioChain’s qPCR SuperMix kits produce cleaner products with improved melting curves comparing with other competitors.


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 qRT-PCR SuperMix

BioChain’s QCell one-step qRT-PCR SuperMix kits are used to directly amplify RNA of your interest from the cell or tissue samples. We combined the reverse transcription (RT) and qPCR steps as well as the cell/tissue lysis in the same reaction tube. This significantly reduces the number of experimental steps and as the result, diminishes error ratio rooted from the separated procedures. This also enables the high throughput gene expression screening and simple RNA quantification experiments.

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     Taq Polymerase

BioChain’s chemically-modified Taq hot-start method is licensed from Applied Biosystems, using a Taq polymerase that has been modified with the addition of a heat labile blocking group that inactivates the enzyme at room temperature. After 95°C incubation for 10 minutes the results in removal of the group and activation of Taq enzyme. 

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dNTPs (deoxyribonucleotide triphosphates) are critical for PCR, DNA/RNA sequencing, and cDNA synthesis. BioChain offers a variety of high quality dNTPs that can help you to achieve optimum PCR results.



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 PCR Mix

BioChain’s PCR master mix provides all ingredients necessary for performing PCR in a premixed and optimized format that streamlines and simplifies the PCR workflow. Master mixes come pre-mixed and pre-measured containing DNA polymerase, salts, magnesium, dNTPs, and optimized reaction buffer. Your template and primers are the only additions necessary to perform PCR.


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 Bacteria Identification Kit

Bacteria identification kit is an ultra-sensitive and universal system developed by Biochain to identify bacteria by PCR. It detects bacteria at concentration of 0.2 or more cfu/per PCR reaction. This kit can detect different types of Gram negative or positive rod and coccus bacteria, such as E. Coli, K. Pneumoniae, B. Cereus and S. Agalactiae, etc.  


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