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Case Studies

The Express Cloning Checker system from BCI allows for the quick analysis of inserts by directly testing bacterial colonies from a plate. Using this system as the tool, BCI performs OEM service for large life technology clients. Since these clients offer l bacteria expression system kits, BCI’s Cloning Checker regents are an important complimentary addition to their lineup. BCI’s OEM services help clients reduce the cost of their manufactured goods and enable them to deliver the value created for their customers.

In another example, BCI developed a 96 well microplate, which contains genomic DNA from 48 different donors in duplicate. Each plate contained 48 donors aliquoted into specific wells and at specific quantities per client’s request. Packaging was performed by BCI with bags and labels provided by the client. In total, six shipments were sent to the client, all delivered on time.  In about two years, 800 plates were delivered to the client. This quality service gained client total satisfaction.

The BioChain CNMCS kit was designed for the enrichment of proteins based on its subcellular fraction. A major life science industry leader currently has ordered large volume of the CNMCS buffers for their kit. This product is listed as Compartment Protein Extraction Kit on their site. Buffers are shipped to client in bulk to be packaged at their own facility.