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Next Generation Sequencing Reagents
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Next Generation Sequencing Reagents

Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing Reagents

Dramatic improvements have been made to commercial next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms which have resulted in reductions in the cost-per base of DNA sequencing. At BioChain, we understand that successful and meaningful results on any next-generation sequencing instrument depends on high-quality sample preparation. Our primary focus has been on optimizing sample preparation as well as providing the tools you need for library preparation and multiplexed sequencing across a range of sample types.

Our innovative NGS products for DNA and RNA sequencing incorporate high performance reagents and enzymes which are engineered to provide the whole solution for sample QC, library preparation, amplification and quantification. BioChain’s products are also 100% compatible with all Illumina sequencing platforms. The products we supply are a cost-effective alternative that have been optimized for high performance in demanding applications such as cancer tumor profiling.


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